2016 aer season drivers

Olaaf's Story

A club level driver and self-described data nerd, Olaaf has completed Skip Barber's 3 day racing program, as well as 2 of its advanced racing programs. However his background begins with Lemons racing- having his first ever experience on a racetrack behind the wheel of a caged NYC taxicab at Nelson Ledges, while raining, waiting for the green flag to drop. Describing the experience as a shock would be an understatement. His accomplishments to date include a 4th place finish in the 2014 Spec Iron national championships, and an overall race win at NJMP with a very determined PWC driver chasing him while running nose to tail for the entire race.

Paul's Story:

Paul is an aircraft mechanic and a mission specialist with avionics, performing installations, maintenance, and QA screenings of special purpose field and airborne data collection systems.  He is a longtime sportscar racing fan and an amateur racer. He loves the team dynamic of sportscar racing, the technology that drives the cars, and the hard work that goes into being part of a winning team. He is driven, passionate, and loves giving all he’s got to make something awesome.

His passions include maintaining and racing a club level racecar including operation of data acquisition equipment and engine management (AIM, MegaSquirt), homebrew beer, hiking, travel, and recreational/experimental aircraft. 

2009-2014 lemons turbo taxi drivers

Josh Weisberg- President of Flying Rat Sponsor, WorldStage

We suckered (I mean convinced) Josh to sponsor our racing efforts from the very first race at Nelson Ledges. He later joined us as a driver for several races, earning the sobriquet "Black Flag Josh" quickly. 

Geoff Connick- USAF C-130 Pilot

The originator of the idea to run a Lemons race, he is also the first person to crash the car. On a warm up lap. His first lap. His first lap a racetrack. Ever. Good job, buddy.

Hans Grimm- International Playboy

A life-long friend of Geoff, he was convinced to join us at our 2nd race, the 24 hours at the No Problem Raceway in Louisiana. He witnessed Paul getting the RV stuck in the mud up to its axles- In the back of the trailer park, behind the Kane Row Kasino. We were redneck that night.

Igor Muravchik

Poor Igor, he slaved away on the car for over a year before getting the chance to drive it. When he finally did, if I recall correctly he spun it at NHMS on his first lap! Joking aside, he was a good driver and teammate.

Jorge Irala

He was a great help during the build- always happy lending a hand and resources to help the car get ready for track. He never spun nor put the car off track, a solid driver, and a solid teammate. 

Jeff Block AKA SpeedyCop- Internet celebrity

He drove a short stint at Monticello to get the feel of the car. Didn't break it, amazingly. He still owes me big.

The original Team at the no problem raceway.. packing up with problems